Research Programme Focus


The research objective is to generate, store and make accessible credible, quality and scientific timely data and information to support planning, policy formulation, implementation and utilization. The content of research will be drawn from client needs, advocacy and advisory services programmes, and emerging national and global trends and issues. Building on the knowledge mobilization plank the programme focus of research will also highlight on diversity and differentiation of countries, sectors, growth strategies and governance approaches pertaining on the continent of Africa and provide information, lessons and experiences as building blocks for facilitating accelerated continent-wide growth, development and transformation. In sum, the research programme will pay attention to:

• Issues of diversity and differentiations
• Stocktaking and evaluation of initiatives
• Surveys of doers and movers on specific areas,
• Functionality of mega projects in order to provide policy direction
• Lessons on approaches and processes
• Comparative analysis of what works and why
• Providing credible and scientific data in support of advocacy and advisory services.

Research Activities
• Knowledge production through reviews, primary studies, monitoring, etc.  
• Publication and data packaging (hard copies, CD-Rooms, digital media etc.)
• Dissemination including digital, social media, print
• Building database including database of professionals, development corridors, finances, competencies and skills match