Programme Context and Focus

There is growing optimism about economic development in Africa, particularly view from the apparent transformative role of globalization. Proponents of the idea of a global free market argue that the process of globalization holds the potential of transforming states in Africa, and reducing their economic and political dependence. The optimism about the potential for Africa’s growth and development has attracted attention outside of the continent. In 2005, The British Prime Minister Tony Blair set up a Commission for Africa. The global campaign to “Make Poverty History” was directed heavily at the continent of Africa. Angela Merkel and Germany’s dual presidency of the EU and G8 in 2007 sought to keep Africa on the development agenda by calling for ‘strengthening of partnership between Africa, Germany, the European Union and the Group of 8 Industrialized Countries. Africa itself has put forward various initiatives from the Lagos Plan o Action in 1980 to the NEPAD. The pace of economic transformation and the challenges facing the continent suggest that the commentaries and initiatives about the continent are but rhetoric.Africa needs to go beyond the expression of commentaries and the formulation of initiatives to real action.

Beyond the rhetoric there is now an urgent need for action and AGEC is committed to actively engaging in catalyzing solutions for addressing Africa’s growth and development challenges through the following programmes and strategic activities:

1. Advisory Services(Africa Growth Solutions)

  • Innovative Entrepreneurship Ecosystem
  • Project Finance Marketplace 
  • Knowledge Mobilisation (KMb)
  • Human Capital Development 
  • Africa Technovate Summit
  • Africa Economic Growth Forum     

 2. Policy, Research and Advocacy Group 

  • Democratic Governance, Peace and Security,Economic Growth, SDGs, AU2063, 

3. Leadership and Governance for Sustainable Development (LG4SD)

  • Africa Influencers Roundtable 
  • Audacity To Lead 

4. Human Capital Development  

  • The Newbridge Institute

5. Positioning Africa

  • Media Partnership for Africa's Transformation Agenda

About us

The Africa Global Emergence Center (AGEC) is registered in Ghana as a non-profit independent policy, research, advocacy and advisory services non-profit organisation, which is committed to promoting an enhanced position and role for Africa at the world stage. We seek to be a key partner in actualizing Africa’s narrative as the newest and last frontier of growth and prosperity.

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