Advocacy Programme Focus

Advocacy Objective and Content

The Advocacy objective of Africa Global Emergence Center (AGEC) is to influence the adoption of policies, programmes, projects and agreements that contribute towards regional economic integration and maximise the productive sectors of the economies of the continent. To this end, the programme content for advocacy shall include but not limited to:

  • Presenting the positive narratives, growth potentials and opportunities of the continent
  • Leadership and Governance
  • Regional integration and south-south cooperation
  • Intra-Africa trade
  • Science technology and innovation (STI) as key lever for structural transformation
  • Value-Addition movement from low-value production to high value-addition production,
  • Peace and Security
  • Local enterprises development
  • International development agreements that support poverty reduction and forms of development that are ecologically acceptable locally and internationally. Examples include SDGs and Climate Change.

Advocacy Activities
• Conferences and meetings
• Roundtable discussions
• Briefing sessions
• Recognition through awards and citations for various categories of innovation, creativity, leadership, etc.
• Communications

About us

The Africa Global Emergence Center (AGEC) is registered in Ghana as a non-profit independent policy, research, advocacy and advisory services non-profit organisation, which is committed to promoting an enhanced position and role for Africa at the world stage. We seek to be a key partner in actualizing Africa’s narrative as the newest and last frontier of growth and prosperity.

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