Advisory Services Programme Focus

Increased export is an important source of potential growth for African economies. The experiences of emerging economic powers such as China, Brazil, India and South Africa strongly support this argument. Increasing exports also correlate positively with other economic gains such as access to larger markets, economies of scale, and gains from redistribution of technology, improved domestic employment generation and foreign exchange earnings. The contribution of trade and investment is critical in ensuring domestic production by facilitating the flow and increase of capital. However in most countries in Africa trade and investment is generally impeded by poorly developed infrastructure, negotiated terms of trade and bankable projects. Generally negotiations for mega infrastructural projects tend to be extremely asymmetrical, particularly in relation to multinational Companies (MNCs) who often have highly resourced and skilled personnel against some African government personnel. In some cases a government would rather take no decision or delay on important investment deals. In other cases the deals are concluded that serve neither the African state nor the MNC.

Advisory Services Objective and Content

The programme objective of the Advisory Services is to make available and accessible world-class professional experiences, skills and services in support of accelerated growth, transformation that maximizes the benefits to the people and environment of the continent of Africa. To this end, the areas on which such undiluted professional experiences, skills and services will be provided include:

• Consultancy Services
• Trade and investment facilitation and negotiations
• Integrated and multi-state Development Corridors
• Alternative to single enclave projects.
• Financial resource mobilization and engineering for bankable projects
• Capacity building for bankable infrastructure projects
• Branding of Africa-wide and country level lessons and cases of excellence
• International negotiations and agreements
• Sustainable Development Policy

The Africa Growth Solutions (AGS) is an advisory services outfit of the Africa Global Emergence Center (AGEC) an independent organisation committed to promoting a greater role for Africa in a globalised world with a focus on trade and investment as well as technology and innovation as critical enablers in achieving sustainable growth.

Africa Growth Solutions is set up to catalyse AGEC’s goal to actualize Africa’s growth potential by leveraging on the expertise of existing networks of experts, government agencies, international organisations, academia, business leaders, experts and media to impact positively, Africa’s economic transformation and sustainability agenda.

Africa Growth Solutions (AGS) lead implementation of the advisory services including hosting the database for advisory services.

Advisory Services Activities
• Extension services
• Capacity building
• Training
• Coaching and handholding
• Negotiations and project development
• Networking and partnership
• Providing references and sources