Knowledge Mobilisation (kmb)

Knowledge, credible and reliable data are key ingredients for the transformative agenda of any economy. It is central to Africa’s growth story and a means of keeping stakeholders informed and engaged, fostering debate on key emerging issues, and providing advocacy materials. This is key to actualising the Africa’s positive narrative. As a strategic action under this thematic area Africa Global Emergence Center seeks to mobilize and engage citizens of Africa, research institutions, African in the diaspora, regional economic groupings, centres of policy think-tanks to generate knowledge, credible data to support policy formulation, national governments, public institutions and the business community.

The specific areas of intervention for knowledge mobilsation are:

• Mobilisation of technical/professional expertise within Africa and in the diaspora and strengthening continuity in their relations.
• Research and knowledge production
• Developing database of experts to provide advisory services to national governments and the business community towards global competitiveness
• Strengthening networking relations with research institutions, policy thin-tanks, law making bodies, and regional economic communities and citizens organisations within and outside of Africa.
• Creating platforms for dissemination of creativity, innovation and sharing of knowledge, experiences and lessons to support the positive narratives