Ebada Ahmed Abdirahman

Strong business leader with demonstrated ability to build successful start-up businesses and break new ground. Cultivating ties with Boards, Regulators,  customers  and  employees.  Knowledge  of  the African  economic  landscape with the capacity to impact change.

Ebada  is a seasoned  Finance  and  investment  expert  with  9  years  in  the  international  and  African  market  place.  She  is  also  a  career  banker  and  an  Entrepreneur  in  the  Hydroponics,  Nano  Technology  and  Solar  Power  business.  In additions  She  is  the  Vice  president  of  Africa’s  Young  Entrepreneurs  (Africa’s largest Entrepreneurship network), a Director of the African Economic expansion Network (AEEN) and partner of SOA Solutions South Africa.

She transitioned from trader and commercial banker to serve as general manager  in  the  startup  of  a  Micro finance  company  that  funded  90%  women  while  providing  mandatory  financial  literacy  program  and  training  on  Debt  management, book keeping and savings mobilization. In 18 months since inception the microfinance  had  disbursed  affordable  loans  to  2,000,000  Kenyan  women.  Furs  Leo was  a  cross  model of Ujjivan micro finance  in India (www.ujjivan.com)  and  retail risk management.

She  is  well  vast  in  all  economic,  political  and  social  matters Africa  and  with  the growing  concern  of  food  security  and  employment,  her  company  collaborated with  Eden  Green  Hydroponics  to  set  up  vertical  farming  methods  for  Governments  to  serve  small  and  large  scale  farmers  and  the  formally  unemployed young people and providing operating capital for hundred’s. Current investments in Equatorial Guinea, South Africa, Nigeria and Rwanda.

Together with IPS on a commercial scale, she is solving electrification problems that African Governments are facing by lighting up villages and towns through solar power; with an implementation of 120MW to date. 

She  co-founded  the  Africa’s  Young  Entrepreneurs,  a  private  organization  with 12.6 Millions members that has become a lead change agent in Africa which has produced more entrepreneurs than any other organization through its Intra-trade platforms  and  private  entrepreneurship  programs  in  19 African  countries. Ebada set up A.Y.E as co-founder with her personal funds.

Ms.  Ahmed  runs  businesses  that  not  only  generate  profits  but  have  an  overall positive  impact  on  the  lives  of  people.  Their  remains  a  substantial  gap  in  infrastructure  development  and  her  role  in AEEN    is  to  link foreign  direct  investment to Africa projects either though debt, equity or both. 

A  Certified  startup  expert  and  investment  guru,  she  also  has  vast  experience  in formulation  and  implementation  of  Business  plans  and  risk  management;  Community  and  Stakeholder  Relations  &  Development;  Micro finance  and  Banking, Negotiations  and  People  development,  fund raising,  Budget  Development  and crisis management.  She is well respected in the development space.

Ebada earned a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Political science from the University of Nairobi,  and  various  other  Trading  and  professional  qualifications.  She  speaks Somali, English, Kiswahili and Written Arabic.

Ebada  has  continually  received  recognition  for  her  Development  and  Finance expertise  has  been  honored  with  youngest  senior  Bank  manager  recognition  by central  bank  of  Kenya,  at  the  age  of  23,  Top  40  under  40  Kenyan  women  on business, 100 most influential people in East Africa, Change agent of year award, and in house banking awards and incentives. 

She has given of her time and expertise by serving on various boards and ensuring every project she is involved in has social impact regardless of its size.

Ebada’s personal vision is to see A Africa that can be, should be and will be in matters of food security, power and improved standards of living. She will continue to support private entrepreneurship in Africa through A.Y.E , provide smart solutions of feeding Africa and raising grants for innovation while speaking for marginalized women and drive women inclusion agenda with national governments.